Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Ben :)

Just a few more pics of Ben and an update. Things are going well here and starting to feel more normal, organized, and calm. Ben had his first doctor appt yesterday. He is nice and healthy, but his weight was still dropping a little so we are going back tomorrow for another weight check. Hopefully all of that will be squared away. He is as lovey and sweet as ever. Ohh and today is his one week birthday!! It does go quick!

I am not sure when this pic was taken, but sometime in the last week.

Here is with the snuggliest blanket ever that Suz and Mary Charlotte sent us. Now I have to share it with Ben :) You can see just under the blanket he has a finger at his mouth...he always seems deep in thought.

Here he is today. I must say he sleeps like a champ and only fusses when necessary.......so far!

And here is the sign Daddy prepared for Benjamin and me. Claudio is the perfect loving daddy! The words didn't come out too clear but it says, "Welcome Home Mommy and Benjamin"


Lily said...

Awww, he's perfect!

Petrus said...

What a cutie. And he already has a tan!! Nicely done.

The Serven Clan said...

Dear Jamie,

What good news!! I was thinking you must have had the baby by now . . . but I hadn't had a chance to hop on your blog! : ) Congratulations. Praying for your family as you enjoy your newest blessing.

In Christ alone,