Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Prodigal Bloggers

Achemm.....yeah....So we have been a little busy. The extraordinarily condensed version is. We had a crazy winter, didn't find a house in an area we wanted, got an offer on our house that fell through, dealt with some medical issues, took our house off the market, and decided, "Hey, ya know what? Mt. Holly is a really nice town....and gosh our house is cute!" So we are staying here and making the most of our meager least for the time being :)

Below are some pictures of our yard. We are just getting our stuff in the ground.

These are the forget-me-nots we planted for Lavinia Calliope

Here are the first of our tomatos. We have Roma and Cherry. We will probably get a few more plants...although last year our few plants yielded quite a crop! And also notice my solar frog. He glows at night and sits on the stump of some long forgotten tree :) To the far left are our raspberries which are taking over our yard...and we LOVE it.

Here are our raspberries. We totally cut them back last fall, but they are coming back even more full this Spring. Hopefully the birds won't get all the berries before we do this time! Anyone have suggestions for how to keep the birds away from your berries??

Here is the darling Farmer Cla!!! Posing alongside our strawberries :) We started out with just a few plants a couple years ago and they spread each summer too...they have even crossed the fence into my neighbors yard, but he said that was just fine. Again I hope we get some before the birds do!

And finally the long awaited picture of my pink and yellow golashes!!! AND THE DREADED DENIM JUMPER!!!!!!! That was just for you Jess ;)


Petrus said...

My EYES, MY EYES- but the golashes are supercute :)

Love the garden, especially dear are the forget-me-nots.

M. Alexander said...

You need some netting to keep the birds from the berries. Barring that a nice scarecrow w/ a metal pie plate and floppy shirt.

With all those nice raspberries you'll have to make some nice cran-raspberry jam this summer!

Donna said...

Nice to see your updated blog, Jamie -happy gardening!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Petrus: Now you update YOUR blog!! See you next week!

Mary: Netting you say? Do you just stake it down? why cran-raspberry and not just raspberry? And about making jam out of the berries at all..I am not hopeful. We got maybe 4 berries last year because the birds eat them right before they are ready to be picked. VERY frustrating!