Thursday, October 09, 2008

Funky Bed Head

We are not sure where Ben got his hair from (and we are asked on a regular basis!). He has two parents with wavy unruly hair in various shades of brown. But Ben has bright red hair that is as straight and limp as could be. It always lies perfectly on his head. So you can imagine my surprise when he woke from his nap looking like this:

good shot of his teeth grandpa Bob and grandma Judi!

Ben is getting increasingly more difficult to photograph because once he sees the camera all he wants is to grab it from me (I swear I should have been born a jungle gym!) So here is a little video of a typical photo taking session.


Lily said...

he is right at the age now where the hair could be morphing into curls, it could change color. I have pictures of my one son, at a fourth of july parade, two years ina row. First year, he was only a few months old with straight, black hair. The next year, he was just over a year old with blonde curls! (shrug) I have pics documenting dramatic change like that with all my children.

Anonymous said...

My two sisters-in-law have red hair kind of out of nowhere too. We're guessing it comes from the Italian side - maybe Ben's too?


Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


The hair mostly comes from my side actually. Most of my family is redheaded. My mom, my two aunts, and my grandfather are/were all red.

Anonymous said...

Aha. Makes more sense for him then.

I have dreams of little girls with red (from his side) and curly (from me) hair, but we'll just wait and see.


Anonymous said...

And so was my Grandpa Jake, for whom you are named, a redhead. That was Gma Bella's dad. So it was on Gpa's AND Gma's sides of the family. I was surprised you and your brother weren't red.