Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Saint's Day at Mater Ecclesiae

Today was the All Saint's Day party at our parish church. Since Ben is still a bit too young we decided to pick an easy saint with an easy costume. Ben dressed as St. Peter (as I am sure you could tell by the keys and fish net on his belt!)

His costume basically consisted of one of daddy's undershirts, a piece of red fabric, a belt, toy keys and a fish net, and a fake beard made from an old wool scarf. He was definitely a hit!

Here are all the little costumed children gathering to start the games. Each child gets a turn to give a little info about their saint and the rest of the children get to guess. One of the funniest guesses of the day was from a little boy who yelled out, "St. Hannah Montana?!" LOL

I just couldn't pass up a picture of this little cherub dressed up as Our Lady of Good Success. She is actually a distant cousin on the Salvucci side!!

And here is Ben having a grand ole time with all of the kids there to play with!

Daddy and Benjamin waiting their turn (with the Rotondi's to the left and Bob to the right)

And at last its Ben's turn!! (btw that is not Ben crying at the beginning of the video)


Anonymous said...

so claudio finally cut his hair...


Walker said...

That Ben is the cutest saint ever.

HEY! Shouldn't you post some freakin prayer for electoral guidance?

Angela said...

ADORABLE!!! What about a picture of Ben in his Halloween costume??

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

He didn't wear a Halloween costume. He just had a shirt that his Grandpa Bob and Grandma Judi sent that said, "Mommy's little monster" with a picture of a monster that lights up when he moves.