Tuesday, April 07, 2009

25 Weeks And Counting...

Just thought I would give a little update about Ben, Mom, family, new babe since I have been picture heavy on the blog for several months.

Ben is 14 months old now and has definitely left babyhood for the more challenging toddlerhood!! He has quickly learned to exert his will, how to whine for optimum annoyance, and how to destroy whatever it is he shouldn't be playing with in the first place LOL...he is still a total doll and a joy though. His intellectual development is so interesting to see. He understands what we say, he understands requests, he can "play" jokes, he can communicate. He still eats like a champ with a particular love of meat! Strange huh? He will eat any kind of meat (even enjoyed lamb at Nonno and Nonna's house.....something *I* won't eat LOL). He has a budding obession with cars/vehicles. Is deathly afraid of elephants and vaccums. And would do just about anything to play outside.

I am getting by. This pregnancy has been particularly hard and I have been just taking things one day at a time and trying to stay busy. I am 25 weeks and feel like the next 15 weeks can't go fast enough and yet I feel totally unprepared!! I just took my second and last 1hr. glucose test today. I passed the first with flying colors and expect this one to be the same. The pregnancy itself is going very well and uneventful. I have once a month ultrasounds now and the baby looks perfect and healthy. At my last U/S, two weeks ago, Annabella weighed 1lb 6oz and was measuring perfect for her dates. Next U/S in two weeks. I am hoping she will be roughly the same size as Ben at birth. I have just about all the clothes a newborn little girl could possible want thanks to some sales, a thrift store and my very generous sister-in-law who past on all of my nieces clothes!

Claudio has been a heroic husband dealing with a crazy pregnant lady!! LOL...He is gearing up for gardening. He has a heap of various seeds sprouting in our basement and yard and our water barrels set up to collect rainwater. He survived a few rounds of layoffs at his company and we are praying that the layoffs are done now.


Ashley said...

What a great picture! You look beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Great picture! I am glad things are going well. :)