Friday, June 04, 2010

Just a Little Snack

I am not sure Anna is old enough yet to categorize as a tomboy, but she is definitely rough and tumble, loves to be outdoors, and loves to make a mess and get FILTHY!!!!! She especially loves DIRT!!

And she is fast. One second she is happily sitting in the grass, you turn for a second, and she is in the flower beds shoving fistfulls of dirt in her mouth with one hand while plucking the blooms off your flowers with the other..

Clearly she is MIGHTY pleased with herself!!!

Licking the last delicious muddy bits from her hands..
And so many night she ends up here before bed. She loves a quick soak in the sink. I guess I should be glad she enjoys the cleanup part as much as the getting dirty part! I love how she is drinking water from the faucet!

Claudio made this lattice door for under out porch to make things look a little neater and have a nice place to store outside things. Including, if you look closely, Benjamin!! Benjamin is just learning how to hide and this is one of his favorite spots.

And just a pic of our hydrangea that is starting to blume a beautiful mauve!

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