Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Windy Nights..Ben's First Memorized Poem of 1st Grade.

Below are some of the illustrations he has done for poetry and religion:

Oops forgot to rotate...But this was his first illustration of Kindergarten.  Done for the poem Rain...It is basically some scribbles of color.

This is his narration and illustration done earlier this week of the Transfiguration after reading about St. Peter.  There are people climbing that mountain but they are very pale but I assure you they are there on the left LOL  But still you cean tell he drew a mountain with people on it and Jesus (also pale) is at the top.

This was done today when he finished memorizing Windy Nights.  He drew a night sky and trees.  And he drew a tiny horse with an even tinier man on it...what you don't see it????

See that darker green scribble in the middle there.  Yeah that is the horse and man LOL..But his drawing/illustration/understanding has improved so much in a year!

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Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed that. I don't think I've ever heard Ben talk, except for just a word or two in a video. jae