Saturday, December 01, 2007

Peaceful Slumber...

After finally dealing with a laundry crisis and a serious dust situation I finally deemed our bedroom clean enough to set up the bassinet for Benjamin!

I pray he will have many peaceful hours of slumber here...and I pray harder that most of those hours will be at night! ;)

PS yes those are my stuffed animals on the shelf and NO Benjamin can't have them :P


gobbabram said...

definitely wonderful! xoxo

Life in Fitzville said...

Hey... that cradle/bassinet is exactly like the one I was in as an infant, and the oldest grandchild in each family on my Dad's side. And the armoire next to it is the same as the one in my girls' room! Looks like we have very similar style! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love our instrument wall, even though I don't play. My husband and kids have the instruments down constantly though and I do love to listen to them!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

The bassinet is from my inlaws family. My husband and all of his cousins slept in it as infants. I am not positive how old it is, but at least 36 years!

I must admit the instruments on our wall spend most of their time ON THE WALL LOL!!!

Did you notice my very green walls too?? :)