Saturday, March 29, 2008

Benjamin Meets his Godmother

This week Ben's Godmother came for a visit. Ben and Jess got along swimmingly and had lots of good quality time together.

I forgot to get pictures but Jess brought for Ben an adorable lamb blanket. I can't even explain it. I will have to get a picture later. But I am sure it will be a favorite for Ben once he is a little older. She also brought a beautiful pewter Christening cup engraved with Ben's initials. Does anyone know the tradition of a Christening cup??

Jess and I also got to have a nice girl's night out with Jess's SIL Christina. I had a great time and so did Ben!

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Petrus said...

Did you see how he is smiling in that first picture!! He has the cutest smile :)

I am so honored to be his godmother! Thank you.