Sunday, March 02, 2008

Obama's Revival ---TESTIFY!!!!

I'm almost certainly not voting for Obama, but this clip is classic.

Politically, this is brilliant. He's in Beaumont Texas, and this speech is stitching together family values Republicans and Democratic-voting African Americans--with a common conservative theme--in a way that I've never seen a politician do before. And doing it with class and humor.

Leaving aside the fact that the Chief Executive of the Federal government really doesn't have authority over what gets taught in schools and how, he totally makes sense when he talks about parental responsibility. And everyone in the audience knows it. Check out some of those ladies in back! :)



Petrus said...

I like the pay our teachers more part.

Carrie Dilley said...

I didn't watch it--but pay teachers more! Absolutely! Amen!

Anyway--I hope you find this!! I made a new post just for you! Enjoy!!

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

Well, I think his opinion on the matter (the chief executive, that is) is important. Typically he appoints someone philosophically inline with himself--not someone who opposes his aims or has other priorities.

Let's remember who appoints the folks in charge of education, and all the wonders the present chief executive has done to the education system. No Child Left Behind is the [brain?] child of Bush.