Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taralucci: An Epic in the Making!

Cla had a half day off from work today since we had an appointment in the early morning. Since there was plenty of time after the appointment Mr. Solar Energy decided to try his hand at another project (btw the fruit leather is back in the car to finish cooking...we ran out of sunshine yesterday). This one is far more sane, but twice as messy! He made Taralucci. The best way I can describe them is Italian fennel pretzels.

So let the epic begin: Making the dough.

rolling the dough (this is intriguing isn't it..)

Once you have the dough rolled into long strips the "creative" process begins LOL...

The right most taralucci is the "traditional" shape. Poo to that....I let the creative juices flow! I started out slow....a coil and a pretzel shape...
(and a nice shot of my fingertips at the bottom LOL Don't I have really short pinkies!)

After you make the shapes you boil and then bake the taralucci

Once I really hit my stride I made some of these wild and crazy shapes ;)

braids and twists...and all the way on the lower right....that is my cat!

And my piece de resistance: A cow!!!!!!!!!!! Does it get any better than that?!

And Cla (in need of a haircut) eating the finished product

And of course the obligatory picture of Benjamin who truly enjoyed the proceedings.

This picture came out blurry (I am still using the cell phone, but word has it the camera is functioning again!), but I wanted to add it since I seem to always take pics of ben sitting in the corner there and I always think someone is going to quote Dirty Dancing to me: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" or whatever it is...where is Patrick Swayze when we need him?

BTW for those who have commented on the blog recently (and I highly encourage comments) and they were never posted. I just realized that for some reason they aren't coming through my e mail and they were all waiting for me in blogger! So they are all approved and posted now and I will remember to check in blogger for the comments. Sorry about that!


Gobbagram said...

Patrick Swayze is having chemo! He's very sick

Anonymous said...

Don't fret about small pinkies - it runs in the family, I think. I have them too!

Petrus said...

I care neither for Swayze or for short pinkies... but those pastries and that baby look yummie :)