Saturday, May 03, 2008

Walk a Mile in My Shoes...

Sorry for the lack of posts. It has been a long week! First Cla and I had really bad colds...the barely functional type. Then Ben seemed to get it...although we still aren't sure. Then our camera broke (I used my cell phone for these pics). And Ben has been pretty cranky and we are pretty sure he is teething. He is drooling drooling drooling and he is just so unhappy and cranky. So unlike him. We miss our sweet happy little baby.

This pic basically gives you an idea of how our week was LOL....we have all been a little miserable! Poor little Benjamin!!

Just wanted to show off Ben's adorable little sneakers. They just about fit. They stay on his feet, but they look like he must have monsterously huge feet LOL. The sneakers were a gift from John and Eileen. And check out his cool striped socks under his pants!

A moment of levity......Ben's mini-mohawk!

Here's to hoping for a happier and healthier week to come!


Petrus said...

:) Love the pictures. I hope y'all feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! I was having Ben withdrawal!! I'm glad to see his Teddy is being put to good use!
Love the mohawk! He looks a little like his Uncle Matt in that picture!

Big hugs and kisses from me to Ben.

Ashley said...

I was having Ben withdrawal, too! But I think he needs MORE kisses! Give him one for me.

I hope you are feeling better, too.


Julie said...

Awwwwwww, he's an adorable Kewpie Dolly!

Gobbagram said...

I just want to kiss that little face!

Emma said...

Buy Hyland's Teething tablets, Jamie! Those things are, quite literally, a Godsend! I would buy stock if they had it!