Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FOR TODAY... a day late....

Outside my window... Same as usual: Cool sunshiny morning that will turn into a warmer than I would like afternoon with no rain or cooler weather in sight.

I am thinking...it seems Anna has a cold which is the last thing my little pixie needs after months of terrible teething mixed with a good dose of bloodwork and doctor visits. And let's be honest. I don't really need a sick baby right now *sigh* And if Anna is sick how long before Ben is sick and I am sick....etc etc. We are looking well into October before this has all past.

I am thankful for...my home, my sanctuary, my place

From the learning rooms... Onto week three of Table Time and a harvest theme. And since Daddy is off from work today he said he would like to join us for table time!

From the kitchen...I haven't got a clue LOL...we got back late last night from a few days at the jersey shore an the house and kitchen are still in disarray!

I am wearing... pajamas: light blue sweatpants and a navy tshirt.

I am going... to catch up on a few blog posts that need getting to, I am going to get the house back in order and laundry done, I am going to start a new knitting class tonight, work on potty training Ben (God help us! Is there a patron of the potty???), and pray I don't get sick

I am reading... Emily of New Moon

I am hoping... to stay healthy, to keep Ben healthy (noticing a theme this week??)

I am hearing...Benjamin reading a book and Anna's mobile. She is down for her morning nap and hoping for a happier baby when she wakes.

Around the house... suitcases strewn about, toys strewn about, etc

One of my favorite things... that I can put my kids down to bed and they go to sleep on their own. In fact last night when we got home I got Anna ready for bed and she was so happy to see her own bed that she practically threw herself from my arms into the crib and quickly snuggled down into her blanket with a peaceful sigh. It was a sweet sweet sight.

A few plans for the rest of the week: It is a busy week! Yesterday we were at the beach still, this evening I start a knitting class downtown, tomorrow we have our first preschooler playdate with our local Catholic homeschool group, Thursday I have a dentist appt. And for some reason I THINK there is something Friday but I can't remember what!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

An oldie for today. I have new pics, but everything is still on the camera and not sure when I will get to it. So a blast from the past is what we got!

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