Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last year my dad and stepmom got the kids an awesome inflatable pool.  By the end of the summer it became apparent that these types of pools seem to last through one season and one season only.  It got some holes in it that we couldn't find and the ones we could find just didn't hold the patches.  And worst of all the pool would get so much dirt in it from the kids getting in and out and at least to this feeble mind I couldn't figure out a way to get it sufficiently clean (any tips??)

So my mom and stepdad got this new pool for the kids this summer.  We are LOVING it.  It is super deep for Anna though...she can not get in and out on her own.  And Ben can just barely straddle the edge of the pool to get in and out.

Anna in a bathing suit cracks me up for some reason
Daddy brilliantly put the slide into the pool.  Ben loves it.  Anna went down once, went flying off the and of the slide into the water, got totally dunked under and will likely never do it again LOL!  If it hadn't scared her so much it was truly awesome to see LOL....acrobatic!

You can see my cozy lounge chair in the background there where I sit and knit or read while the kids play.

It seems Benjamin doesn't really understand the purpose and use of a towel!!  LOL..he got out, asked for his towel, wrapped up in it, and promptly got back in the pool.

This was the sky while the kids played.  It was nice to not have the sun beating down on us.  It started to downpour as soon as we got inside.


Gobbagram said...

Keep a basin next to the pool where they must step in to rinse their feet BEFORE going in So the dirt stays in the basin instead of the pool.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Great-looking pool!

Jen said...

Sit and knit and read, hmm. I sure hope this is my pool experience after our Anna arrives. Right now, Ian wants me playing with him most of the time, which is fun, but some lounging sounds really good too.

Clever idea about the basin, I'll have to try that.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Well, Ben is always happy to play by himself as long as I am nearby. And Anna is generally happy if Ben is there. Plus since Anna can't get out of the pool on her own it sort of bides me time LOL...."ohhh Anna you can't get out yet I am in the middle of this row of knitting. You will have to wait a few minutes..." and by the time I am done she is distracted and forgot she wants to get out LOL And Jen...if Ian asks you to play with him have you ever simply tried saying no? Sometimes I will say, "No, mommy is doing _____ and can't play right now. You play by yourself a while." Sometimes it works sometimes no LOL. Worth a try though.

Jen said...

Yes, I say no all the time, and inside he's usually quite happy with it, as long as I'm nearby. He seems to like to play by himself a bunch. There's just something about the water table or pool that he REALLY wants me to play with him. Right now it's probably partially because he was stuck not playing with water for three weeks because of the cast and is extra excited about it, but it was pretty similar before. I bring out reading but rarely get to much of it.

I just figure having a playmate will make it that much more likely he'll be content. I'm hoping it helps at church too. He's been pretty difficult at times lately, and I see the kids with siblings tend to have more quiet amusement together. I'm hoping anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Great-looking kids! They look like they are having so much fun with it!