Friday, June 24, 2011

What's Bloomin?!

Just a quick tour around our very small yet productive garden.

I love hydrangeas!!!  And I particularly love MY hydrangeas!!  The color is so vibrant and beautiful!!  They are just starting to bloom.  And as the summer fades the blooms stay big and healthy only they turn to a dark mauve.

My daisies are just starting to open up as well.  They are another favorite of mine

These are the black eyed susans.  They are just getting their buds.

We had a bumper crop of strawberries this year, but we always lose most of the berries before they are ripe to squirrels and birds.  This year there was an even more aggressive blight:  ANNABELLA!!  In her desire to only eat weird things that you SHOULDN'T eat she literally ate every available GREEN strawberry she could find!!  We got maybe two ripe ones before she took over LOL

Below the strawberries is some basil and I think chamomile and some other herbs...not sure what Cla put in there (we also have several varieties of mint, thyme, oregano...and that might be it for the herbs this year)

Tomatos are ripening!
The blueberries are just starting to get blue.  Anna has eaten many of these green as well.
We have had a great crop of raspberries this year!!   The best yet.  The kids devour these as soon as we pick them.
More tomatos
and peppers
These are out dwarf fruit trees.  There are two types of apple and a cherry and behind them I think are more tomatos and peppers and potatos.
This was our lettuce, but it has started to bolt already.  This whole patch in the garden is going to be transplanted to next to our shed and then this will become more play area for the kids
Not pictures are some nasturtiums that are just starting to come up.....and I THINK Cla put in some lupine seeds too...but no idea where.

What is blooming in your garden??


Anonymous said...

CAT POOP!!! That's what's blooming in my garden!!! From all the strays that like to lounge in my yard inspite of Rufus barking at them and chasing them....they come back for more relaxation and "relief" in my yard! Needless to say, my flowers are not doing well because of those cats!!!

Jen said...

Your garden looks great! Where did you get the fruit trees? I have had a hard time finding dwarf ones, though I've read about them.

This year we decided to try the square foot gardening method, building raised beds and using all new soil, none of the existing stuff. The plants seem to love it, but they look crowded to me. We'll see how well it produces, but so far I'm impressed.

We're tearing out some overgrown and dying bushes in the front and I need to figure out what to put there, probably just decorative stuff, though there is something really fun about growing things you can eat.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


The fruit trees were a gift from my SIL. She got them from some nursery and they came in the mail to not a local place. I have no idea what the name of the place was though.