Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fast Forward!

Here is my big catch up post. A post of highlights of the last month or two? How long has it been anyway??? I am sure you, my WIIDDEEE, reader audience will forgive me. We have just been living life, adjusting to new baby, getting business done, and been otherwise occupied, but there have been a few highlights. So here they are.
February 4th Beatrice was Baptized...a truly blessed event!!

And so we had a big party for her and for Ben who turned 4 on February 5th!  I can hardly believe how big of a boy he is becoming.  Here he is with Grandpa and Papa (my dad and stepdad).

Ooops out of order, but picture with the Godparents and Fr. after the baptism.

Bea-bug got her first bath (and has many others since then as well LOL).  She seems to enjoy it.  Or at least doesn't complain, but I have her in and out so quick I am not sure if she ever realizes what just happened!  After a bath her baby hair is all cute and fuzzy.  She has a little flannel head!

This is the one and only picture I have from Claudio's birthday LOL!  We had his parents and aunt over for dinner.  As you can see Ben fell asleep at the table.  I think it was a ploy to get out of having to eat my dry pork roast!

The dyamic duo...still hilarious....still adorable.....still eating potato chips.

A little update on this tiny bundle of loveliness.  She, of course, is tiny.  At 6 weeks she weighed in at 8lbs4oz I think it was.  So she is fitting right in with Ben and Anna as being a little pixie!!  She has a well check Friday so we will see how she is growing.  Also she was having some GI upset issues (from both ends...ouch...) So, the pediatrician recommended we switch her to a hypoallergenic formula and start her one some reflux meds and she seems so much more at peace now.  She is still a little reflux-y but her poops are much better and the reflux is overall a lot better and her temperament is just so much calmer and content.  She sleeps pretty well at night.  Some nights she sleeps through like a dream.  Other nights she is up at 3:30.  No idea what the difference is between the two nights.  Overall she is just adorable and sweet.  She smiles for me basically whenever I look at her!!
After our very mild winter we are having a March heatwave it seems with temps in the 70s and 80s.  So the kids were in shorts and playing in the little wading pool!  It is nice to be able to get out, air out the house, suck in some vitamin D.  But so much warmth so early...eeeek!  I must admit I don't love it.  Hot from March through October is not my idea of wonderful.  Just too much heat.  And the worst part is the mosquitoes are already out.  They were a bit of a plague last summer.  Literally swarming and eating us alive.  So between the mild winter and the hot spring I am sure it is going to be a very buggy summer.
I am quietly still praying for one blizzard before summer!

And silly Annabella who asked me to take her picture.  But she wanted to see it on the camera before it was taken.  She doesnt get the progression of things I guess.  So she made this sad face.  All of the kids are getting over a cold (including Beatrice).  I am hoping it is the last one!  Anna is doing well.  Just plugging along.  A few weeks away from starting a second tube weaning.  She didn't do great the first time.  She wound up losing some weight after a month of illnesses and a new baby.  So she was back on all night feeds for a few months to get her bulked back up.  I am praying for better results this time.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Congrats on the baptism! Love the pic of Ben asleep at the table.