Friday, September 28, 2012

Egg Shmegg

Ben and donuts have always had a love affair, but when he was diagnosed with an egg allergy a few years ago the love affair came to a screeching hault.

A month or so ago we got the go ahead from his allergist to schedule a food challenge.  A food challenge is done at the hospital (in this case at CHOP).  And basically you go in and they give the child increasing amounts of the allergic food and see if the child reacts.  If the child reacts they are still allergic and if they don't react they are no longer allergic.

Ben passed without a hitch.  Not even a sneeze.  So Ben is now food allergy FREE!!!!!  Amazing!  So Cla ran out this morning for celebratory donuts.  And Ben loved it as if they had never been parted!

Anna, on the other hand, took a few sprinkles off her donut and one tiny nibble before she decided she was done.  I will never understand that girl's eating preferences.  Carrot?  Absolutely!!  Donut?  No thanks.  In a non-bizarro world this would be fantastic, but in the world of Failure To Thrive it is MADDENING!!

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