Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Waiting for Ben to Wake Up!

Well I have a bunch of errands to run, but Ben is sleeping sleeping sleeping. And I would just go and leave him under the watchful eye of his daddy, but he will most definitely be hungry when he wakes.

You see just about when it was time for him to eat he was starting to get a little fussy. So I thought this might be a good time to do a few minutes of belly time because when I do it when he is happy and subdued he just falls to sleep and it no where close to holding his head up while on his belly.

So I dutifully put him on his belly. Tried to stimulate him with his favorite teddy bear and despite his impending hunger he fell right to sleep and has been sleeping close to two hours now.

Here he is below...still asleep on his belly....fingers in mouth (instead of bottle).

So I baracaded him on the couch (because maybe THIS will be the time he wakes up and figured out how to roll over). And took a quick stroll down the side of our house. First I saw these beautiful flowers. I thought they were tulips...and maybe they are...but do tulips always look like that on the inside? If they aren't tulips what are they?

Then I spotted this and thought it was hysterical. This is a window into a storage building that belongs to my neighbor. It is 5 scarecrows lined up along the window firing squad style. I can imagine up all sorts of funny stories to go along with this scene LOL

And I will add this picture for good measure. It is from the other day...a pic of Ben in his first summer outfit.

And my day marches on errands undone *sigh*



Gobbagram said...

Those flowers almost look like a poppy. Have a recipe for opium?

Petrus said...

Errands, schmerands... who can think of practical things when you have such a cute boy to wait upon?

patjrsmom said...

Your errands might be undone, but at least you got around to the important stuff!

God Bless,

Petrus said...

Is he STILL asleep?