Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bunny Prepares for Baby

I am almost certain that Bunny (whose new name today is Mr. Shmoobutters) knows the baby is coming. He is very interested and protective of the nursery and just other strange things he does lately...he knows soon he won't be the center of attention....and frankly I think he is interested to see what is coming!

I finally started to think about packing my here is my open suitcase I plan to take (and yes the Mushroom comes to the hospital...can't sleep without it!). Bunny NEVER EVER EVER sleeps IN anything...he has no interest in boxes or baskets or anything of the sort. Yet I came upstairs to find him sleeping in my suitcase! By the time I got the camera he had gotten up and was just sitting on the top of it...but still....shocking for our cat!

And here is Mr. Shmoobutters snuggling with Claudio. He has been extra snuggly lately.....knowing his time is limited LOL..

He is so cute (and so is Cla) with his little paws curled in front of him.

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