Friday, January 04, 2008

The Nursery!

Here are the long awaited nursery pictures! Sorry for the delay....pregnancy has finally hit a ton of bricks....oy vey.

The crib...obviously :)

Ok, now here is maybe a stupid question, but I am stumped. With the understanding that the bumpers MUST be tied securely to the crib.....well then how do you raise and lower the side of the crib? I can't tie the bumper to the side of the crib I need to lower because then you can't lower it. So what do you do? Am I missing the obvious??

The dresser/changing table...where the real work is done ;)

The wood cubes my parents got and lovingly painted for Ben. Here are the diaper changing supplies, the burpers, the receiving blankets, the washcloths, the sheets and towels, some toys, etc. They are one of my favorite things in the nursery (second only to Ben...who isn't even here yet LOL)

Ben's bookcase. Everything a boy could want.

All stocked up...from breastpump to boppy and everything inbetween.

Two little appliques I have made for Ben. There are two more I am working on. Once a few things are put on the walls the nursery is officially complete.


M. Alexander said...

Why would you want to lower and raise the side of the crib? In my experience you almost never do this anyway. Can't remember ever doing it. Once Ben is standing (6-9 mos) the crib bumpers have to come off anyway b/c he will be able to climb on them and fall or jump out.

So they look pretty for now but they will be shortlived.

Beautiful nursey- I love the colors. I think you should add a picture of the bedding though.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Because for short people like me you can't reach far enough into the crib to lay the baby down without lowering the side...I would have to drop Ben LOL...

And the mattress lowers quite a hoping to avoid the climbing for a few extra months.

Of course I was an early walker and a daredevil we shall see how my little dreams work ;)

bethalice said...

When dc were itty bitty, and before they started getting up on hands & knees, I left the side down. But once they started peaking over the rail, up it went. By that time, the bumpers are removed because dc messed with them all the time, and they really didn't need them.

If you want to have the bumpers on, and the freedom of raising & lowering the side, securely tie them on the back & sides. As for the front section, securely tie the ends to the bed frame, & the middle tie(s), tie them loose so as to allow the rails to slide through the ties easily, but knot them so they don't come untied.

Cute nursery!

Petrus said...

Can't you raise the bed part so that its like a foot from the top?

Short and Sympathetic.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


Yes we can....and we did LOL. The mattress is at the highest setting. Still would have to drop the baby in.

Heliodora said...

How exciting! I am short too- the mattress always stays in the top position with the side down until they can push themselves up. Then the mattress gets lowered and the bumpers removed. I hate those dang bumpers. They look so nice but it is a pain to change the sheets.

gobbagram said...

Lovely. We need to do something, however, about the shade on that little lamp. It is boring looking. We have to do some kind of crafty thing to make it look gawjess!

Emma said...

I love the nursery! We have the exact same crib blanket set:) I love how you hung the quilt on the wall.

Courtney said...

I love your crib! It looks so classic. I thought, however, you weren't supposed to use bumpers because of the suffocation hazard. When babies are so young, they don't roll so you don't need to worry about little limbs, and by the time they can move around, I've read they can wedge themselves into the bumpers and have trouble breathing. We had "breathable bumpers" but DS never slept in his crib so once installed, they went unused. We were able to raise and lower the side with them attached, though.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on your bumper problem, but it seems everyone has already taken care of it! ;-) But I agree with Beth...I always left the side down until they were old enough to peek then you shouldn't have the bumpers anyway, because they use them as a tool to prop themselves up and get OUT! Won't that be fun? LOL!

Very nice, Jamie! I love it!!


+JMJ+ said...

Jamie the nursery looks terrific and charming and I look forward to seeing pictures of Ben in it!

I had the same mobile, BTW.

God Bless!

patjrsmom said...

The nursery is just beautiful! I love the colors--so very peaceful. We always did the leave the side thing down as well. It worked for this vertically challenged mom!

God Bless,