Thursday, January 24, 2008

Waiting for Baby......and waiting...and waiting....

Well, I have none of my own pictures to post since I have packed the camera in my hospital bag.

I really shouldn't complain....I am 39 weeks today....and therefore not late yet. But I thought I would give you all an update along with my latest observations...

1. Contrary to popular belief midwives aren't always less interventionist than the good ole regular obs! The midwife insisted I MUST be induced by my due date and that it was non-negotiable...the ob was perfectly reasonable and gave me at least to 41 weeks.
2. Your first baby doesn't always drop early and Ben is happily curled up just as high as ever.
3. Jumping jacks, jogging, running up and down stairs, long walks, full moons, changes in barometric pressure, threats to call Super Nanny for infant disobedience do nothing to change #2.
4. I have a serious fear that if Ben doesn't come soon he will not stay small long enough to wear all of the adorable clothing he has received...and he has received some exceptionally adorable outfits.
5. My promise to give birth during the Super Bowl may very well come to pass
6. I am sick of the taste of water
7. The realization that the pregnancy induced sleeplessness is just the beginning of what is probably going to be several decades of no sleep.....but luckily I am too exhausted to care.
8. The cat has been soooo wacky lately. Does he know something I don't?
9. Things I would like to eat: a gyro, a REAL knish with a pastrami sandwich and derma, a good cheesesteak, real onion rings, Indian food, buffalo chicken fingers.
10. What I am having for dinner actually: leftover meatloaf....the injustice!


gobbagram said...

*Sigh* Buffaloes don't even have chicken fingers! Duh!

Ashley said...

Re: #8: Yes, when the animals start acting strangely, it won't be long. Our dog, who generally doesn't have much to do with me, stays under my feet just before I realize I am in labor. Re: #9: If you want those foods, believe me, you will never again enjoy them the same way as you will if you indulge in the craving NOW. It's also nature's way of storing up needed energy for your labor and delivery. Pork ribs with all the fixings and lasagna were my cravings before #1. And it was great, because there was room in my stomach to actually hold the food for the first time in months.


+JMJ+ said...

Jamie - you will be in my prayers!

All of mine were late...the last 2 each two weeks late.

You are approaching your miracel GIVE LIFE. You will never feel as powerful or grateful to God.

God Bless, Allison