Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time Marches On...

Above is the single beautiful pink rose Cla picked for me from our garden on Saturday. Simple beauty :) I have a most loving and thoughtful husband.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time at my nephew Leo's first birthday. We got to meet the new goats (their names are Hazel, Naomi, and Esther) and spend time with the family. It was a beautiful day. No humidity and in the 70s all day and sunny. The evening was very chilly and we all had to put sweaters on. Who would think of such a day in August!

Below is the first baby establishment. A VERY cozy looking baby papasan chair! My SIL has bequeathed it upon me along with a baby tub, infant car seat, and baby bjorn....we haven't unloaded the rest from our car yet though because we got home late last night and it has been rainy all day. So only the papasan has made it out of the trunk!

Thursday I have an appt with the perinatologist and an ultrasound. Prayers for another uneventful visit are VERY much appreciated! I will be 17 weeks then and we are HOPING they may be able to tell the sex....a little early we know, but we hope anyway. :)


Lily said...

Definitely a very thoughtful husband. He chose a lovely garden specimen!

The papasan does look cozy, though I've never seen such a chair and I'm the mom of small crew. What is that green arm like thingy that hangs over the top?

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

The arm has a little mirror on it and a little stuffed bunny hanging from it. It is removeable...I think if I was lying there I would find it annoying LOL. I think my SIL bought this chair or was given it before my nephew was born. I had never seen one like it before either.