Monday, August 27, 2007

Would the Real Blogger Please Stand Up!

CLAUDIO!!! If you are going to hijack my blog at least identify yourself when posting.

Although since you are clearly the wittier and more charming blogger...maybe I should let the unidentified posts continue and just take credit for them myself!

And for the record to all two of our loyal readers there is a LARGE hunk of cured, salted pig (in the form of prosciutto) in my sandwiches abound!

And one other funny note. We have a stuffed animal pig that we named The Hauge! ROFL...I still find that hysterical. And why is it THE Hauge...and THE Bronx....


Claud said...

"Posted by Claud"...I would think that was identification enough, no?

Don't a week or two I'll go chasing after some other butterfly and you'll have the Ad Silvam back to yourself. ;)

Petrus said...

Its hilarious that you guys fight via internet :)

Also, I love proscuitto. Have you had it with melon??? So yummy!!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

We are quite innovative aren't we! ;)

I don't "do" melon....blechhh

Not sure about Cla though.

Claud said...

I never got into the prosciutto-melon thing for some reason.