Monday, September 03, 2007


I would just like to point out that he accused ME of watching sub par television and now ADMITS to watching Benny Hill videos!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awful!!


Claud said...


Where did you hear that?

Somebody's been spreading lies.

M. Alexander said...

Disgraceful! I could never understand the humor in those. But I admit I never tried that hard. And I have yet to come across anyone who actually admitted to watching them. Until now.

I like Martha Stewart but you have to know how to watch her show. The fun of it is in watching how abusive she is to her staff and how afraid they are of her. They are usually all but shaking with nervousness that she is going to explode at any minute! LOL
P.S. And could you have the word verification string be a little LONGER???? Like how about the whole alphabet or something!

Claud said...

And anyway, even if, say just hypothetically, I did happen to watch a Benny Hill skit or two, everyone knows it's still better than Martha.

A mauve throw pillow compared to Yakety Sax? C'mon!!!

Lily said...

Now I wish I had a television!

Oh, and Mary, I agree, I can never get the word verifications right, ever! I'm a good typist, see my blog, I just wrote about that today, but I can never, ever get the word verifications right the first try. Why is that?

M. Alexander said...

Because it's an evil conspiracy.

How about the carry bag for the sushie lunch container- there was even a pocket for the chopsticks!

Beat that Benny Hill!