Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Stuff for Benjamin

Yesterday my mom came over on a mission of mercy (since I am sick again, although very much on the mend now) bringing me split pea soup, mushroom barley soup, bologna, cameo apples, toothbrushes, and mindless reading material (in the form of Good Housekeeping magazine).

Since I was feeling well enough for my first venture outdoors for several days we went and picked up this freecycled playpen that I can keep at my moms. It was even nicer than we had hoped and folds up into the nice little case and everything.

Then we went to Babies R Us to add a few things to the registry that we will need. While there mom bought this adorable....I don't know what to call it....snow suit type thing to bring Ben home from the hospital in (since he is due end of January). It is a really soft fleece with an adorable zebra (huh, I thought it was a giraffe...I usually hate zebras!) on the front and a cozy hood.

On the way back from Babies R Us we planned on stopping at a diner for a bite, but a bloody geyser erupted from my nose and got all over my shirt (and the seatbelt strap) we thought it best to head home LOL..Ahhh I am shameless.

Pictures courtesy of my mom :)


Jennifer said...

What? No picture of the bloody geyser??

Heliodora said...

Those Graco Pack n' Plays are the best. They last years too- depending on how clean you can keep them. Getting new stuff for baby is always fun!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


I was too busy digging around for tissues to think to grab the camera :P

Do you know if there is a way to raise the floor of the playpen?

gobbagram said...

Good Housekeeping Magazine is HARDLY mindless reading!

Heliodora said...

"Do you know if there is a way to raise the floor of the playpen?"

No, but they do have models that have a removeable bassinet attachment that can be used when the baby is brand new. The same mattress is used for the bassinet.