Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rise and Shine and Give God that Glory Glory!

So this picture was taken by my uncle. It is a picture of the Verrazano Bridge which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. The sun came out shaped like the Star of David...and the picture wasn't just came out that way. It is beautiful.

So, anyway. I have another cold :( It is my lot in life...I am literally genetically disposed to it. I started using Zicam (which is safe to use in pregnancy) and it really seems to be working! I can breath!!!!!!!

So I am REALLY not a morning person, but at around 4am I found myself wide awake. I tried to ignore it and make myself go back to sleep. Didn't work. So then I played with the cat for a while, but eventually even he took his toys and went home. So at 5 am (Cla's regular waking time) I decided what the hay...I got up too. So here I am at 5:27 posting random ramblings on my blog.

I am sure I will need a nap at around 8am LOL....I am truly pathetic.

Well to all my adoring fans adieu till the sun rises!

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