Friday, September 21, 2007

Back to throwing shoes at the television

So I feel punchy lately. Jamie's watching 20/20 and they do this *horrendous* piece on ex-gays/reparative therapy. Total propaganda. I said to Jamie at the know one name you won't hear...Dr. Robert Spitzer, who actually got homosexuality pulled off the list of psychological disorders in the 1970s, and who published a famous study a few years ago that indicated that therapy to cure homosexuality can work in some cases. Sure enough, nary a mention.

I did my usual yelling at the TV, then I fired ABC a little email:

Your last program "The Toughest Call" on ex-gays/reparative therapy was, to put it bluntly, ridiculous. I noticed you were quick to point out the professional organizations that came out *against* therapy for homosexuality (e.g. the APA), but conveniently left out Dr. Robert Spitzer's name, the psychiatrist who famously reversed his own position on this issue.

Funny...those screaming for freedom to *live* a gay lifestyle seem to get awfully upset when people use that same freedom to *leave* it.

I feel like I need a literary shower. Dante feels right about now:

The wasteland was a dry expanse of sand,
thick, burning sand, no different than the kind
that Cato's feet packed down in other times.

O just revenge of God! How awesomely
you should be feared by everyone who reads
these truths that were revealed to my own eyes!

Many separate herds of naked souls I saw,
all weeping desperately; it seemed each group
had been assigned a different penalty;

some souls were stretched out flat upon their backs,
others were crouching there all tightly hunched,
some wandered, never stopping, round and round.

The three herds: the Blasphemers, the Usurers, and the Sodomites.

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