Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Baby Shower

This past Saturday my mom threw me and Benjamin a beautiful baby shower. It was held at The Wingwalker Restaurant near her house.

Because I am still way behind in the blogger learning curve some of these pictures are out of order.

This is me and my cousin Katlyn who took great pleasure in loading up a stuffed turtle doll with the ribbons. LOL She was a great help to me sorting through gifts and opening up some of those more stubborn ribbons!

My mom, the wonderful hostess of the shower and a family friend. Can you tell which is my mom? Everyone says we look alike :)

The beautiful (and tasty) cake!

My girls!! The very brave Kori who came even though she knew no one but me! My dear dear friend Jess who flew in all the way from New Hampshire. She is Ben's Godmother and he couldn't possibly have a better Godmother! And my dear friend Linda/Beany who has been my friend since 5th grade!!

Some of my family!

The guest of honor....moi!

The generosity of my friends and family was truly overwhelming. We got soooo many beautiful and practical gifts!! I am so grateful! Ben will most definitely be a very well dressed, warm, and snuggly baby!! Above is the beautiful crossstitch picture my friend Linda made. I also got lots of handmade sweaters, hats, and blankets and all the bedding and clothes a little fellow could ever need!

Now I just have to set up the nursery and organize everything! Daunting!

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