Friday, November 02, 2007

Step #1 in House Reshuffling

So in an effort to make more room in our relatively small house and to finally get things organized (after 4 years living here we thought it was time LOL). We decided to take our big couch and move it into the basement and make a small family room area down there. It involved rearranging the entire basement and stratigically fitting/moving all of Cla's Arx "stuff" (binding machinery etc)

So here is our updated living room. The loveseat is where the couch used to be, the rocking chair is where the loveseat used to be. And the rocking chair used to be upstairs. Lots more space now....and its echo-y!

Here is the couch in the basement, our computer and Cla's mammoth printer! This makes up part of our "family room".

Here are some of the bookshelves we are using as room dividers. They split the area of the family room and Cla's Arx office. The exercise machine will be moved LOL

So this is basically the family area..Pretty nice sized space.

And here is Cla's Arx on the other side of the basement. The guys are making covers.

This weekend we are up to the second floor to rearrange the two spare bedrooms to make one into the nursery. After that we will be pretty baby ready! Which is good since I dreamt last night that I gave birth!


Emma said...

It looks great!

Florentius said...

And who exactly gave you permission to post a picture of me on your blog, anyway???