Friday, November 02, 2007


So anyone in my close, close friends, bouncers...know that for the last 5-6 years, I have been trying to get a hold of hickory nuts. I have been obsessed with hickory nuts.

Hickory nuts grow wild in the Eastern U.S., and a couple varieties, namely the shagbark and the shellbark, are really tasty. The Indians ate them. The colonists ate them. Everyone on this blessed continent ate them. I ate a few once. I found them in the woods. I liked them VERY MUCH.

So I wanted to get some more. But notwithstanding being in the most grossly consumerist society in human history, surrounded by ipods, Pepsi Jazz, and giant inflatable lawn bubbles, I couldn't find anyone locally who sold a good-tasting nut produced by the boatloads from a commonly occurring domestic tree.


So why didn't I just go out and pick more then? Ah, well on more than a few occasions I trudged out to the woods along the Neshaminy to do just that. And I found many many many hickory trees. But hickories are really really really tall trees. And in the woods, their nut-bearing branches are waaaay up in the canopy. The canopy where squirrels are happily trouncing around, gorging themselves, and dropping the bad nuts and the shells all around a member of the primate family who happens to be the least arboreal species of the bunch.

Again, nice.

My better half managed to scrape me up some from an internet site one year, for which I was insanely grateful, but since then it's been dry.

Well, you can imagine my exquisite delight then, when she points me to this post at Trinity Acres:

Hickory Nuts Anyone?


Julie gladly sent me some samples but refused to charge me for them yet because she wasn't sure they were going to taste good.

Well, they taste every bit as good as I remember, and I now recall why it was I became obsessed with these little things to begin with. Send us an invoice, and tell Sam he can count on a regular customer!!!

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