Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Milestones, Thoughts, and Comments about Pregnancy

1. I am 31 weeks!
2. I am now up to seeing the ob every 2 weeks! Yikes!
3. I took my final (my third) one hour glucose test yesterday!!
4. To mark the above three milestones my ob office gave me a really nice diaper bag filled with goodies and coupons including a mat for changing diapers...the exact type I wanted, but couldn't find!
5. I still have gained no weight...I was down 3 more pounds at the doc office.
6. I am pretty sure Ben had the hiccups last night
7. I feel like Sigourney Weaver in Alien as my stomach is clearly and visibly moving from the outside all the time.
8. I received a case of baby formula in the mail yesterday. Assuming I won't need it anyone know if it can be donated anywhere??
9. Free baby magazines that don't include coupons are a waste of my time. (at the same time I have so many coupons for various things that I don't even know where to start!)
10. While pacing the waiting room at the ob yesterday (because after drinking a cup of sugar one simply MUST pace!) I read in Parenting Magazine that 90% of down syndrome babies are aborted! I found that staggering. I was ALMOST as surprised to read a PRO Down Syndrome article in Parenting magazine.
11. Thoughts of preparing my hospital bags have started swimming around my head and I realize I have no idea what to bring....Does this require a duffle bag or a suitcase??
12. Can someone please remind Cla to bring extra batteries for the camera? Mom, maybe stow some away in your purse for him??


gobbagram said...

I'm on it. What kind of batteries? Relax, just remember to call me and I'll have Augie remind me to remind Cla. LOL
Anyway--I'll have my camera!

Ashley said...

Wow!!! What an exciting time!

As to the formula.....Leave it on table at your church with a tag that says Free for anyone. That way whoever really needs it can take it.

For your hospital, shampoo, conditioner, special toiletries, at least 2 gowns and robes (in case you mess up one), a going home outfit for you and for Ben, gowns for Ben, (the hospital will provide diapers----be sure to take the extras home), comfortable shoes for walking the halls during labor before your epidural, slippers, socks, undies (although the mesh undies they provide you are really wonderful---shhhh----I can't believe I have told everyone I like them), contact stuff, glasses, anything for Cla that he might forget for himself (because Daddy's to be are usually too nervous to really remember themselves), toothbrush and toothpaste, deoderant, a clock, camera, camera, camera, phone numbers and email addies (of the important people) for Cla, a couple of pillows, nursing pillow if you plan to use one........I hope that's it. Hope it helps, too.

Ashley :-)

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I dunno what kind of batteries...the small thin ones, but not the thinnest...AA I guess is what they are?? But the camera needs the real juicy ones otherwise my camera dies in three seconds. I feel like we are the only ones this happens to!

Dear Ashley,

Thanks! I am sure my mom is laughing at your reminder to pack makeup. I don't even pack makeup to go on vacation let alone to go to the hospital. I like to think I am beautiful without it ;)

So you DO need to pack clothes for the baby (other than the stuff to go home)?? I figured they provided that. And they give you underwear?!?! And why is it mesh...or do I not want to know??

So it sounds like suitcase, not dufflebag.


gobbagram said...

I never packed clothes for the baby except to go home in--which is a separate bag of stuff--the going home stuff for you and Ben. Actually, I think I went home in the clothes I came in! No need to take with you in labor. Cla can bring next day. But, alas, so much has changed since you were born. Oh, and yes. I was laughing about the make up. xoxo

Ashley said...

I didn't like the little shirts they put on the babies....after the first day I was tired of seeing mine wear them...I'm not sure what your hospital provides. That's why I say to pack a few gowns.

There is a TMI reason why they provide you with the underwear. The mesh ones are super stretchy and probably one size-fits-all which is why I loved them.

As for makeup....I am far too scary for pictures without it. :)

Melissa said...

You could also offer the formula on your local Freecycle ( message board. You may be getting more formula in the mail and, if not, you'll definitely get formula coupons.

Enjoy these weeks, they're exciting!

M. Alexander said...

For the hospital bag don't forget a rolling pin and tennis balls in case you have back labor in which case they will be indispensable. Don't forget shampoo, etc. The first baby I had I thought it was like a hotel and they gave you that stuff- they give you nothing!

Loved the mesh undies and always took a few home to use for the first few weeks. Nursing bras that you may want to wear at night. A nice T.Berry Brazelton about infants and a nursing book.

My mil had a tradition of dressing the baby in blue to bring him or her home in honor of the Blessed Mother and we always did that. Another family tradition was buying a really nice nursing nightgown,robe or pajama top. I get really depressed wearing the hospital johnny for more than 24 hours. The nurses thought I was crazy b/c you can stain your new clothes- so a top or short nightgown is perfect.