Saturday, November 03, 2007

Me and Benjamin

I had to think long and hard before deciding whether or not to post this picture (for obvious reasons......I mean gosh, just look at it!). But I decided a pregnancy shouldn't get by without at least one, good, embarrassing picture of a growing belly posted for all to see. So here is mine! I am 27 weeks pregnant...and I won't get into explaining why I am wearing such a strange outfit or why I have such a strange expression on my face...just take it for what it is :)


Emma said...

You look cute and you definitely have a pregnant belly now!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

THanks! :) Hope you are doing well too!!

Lily said...

You look mahhhvelous dahhhling! Glad to see you!

Len & Heather said...

Your comments about the picture just cracked me up !!! Thanks for sharing the photo and I pray that everything goes smoothly.
Heather - Doodle Acres

M. Alexander said...

I think this is a perfectly beautiful picture of you...and Benjamin!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Dear Lily,

Thanks dahling! ;)

Dear Heather,
Nice to see you here! I LOVED the pics on your blog and Julie's of your visit! I am jealous...I wish I could be Julie's neighbor!

Dear Mary,
Thanks! Cla said I was "kooky" for posting it. I felt if you can't be kooky when pregnant then why bother LOL.

Sanctus Belle said...

Congratulations! Pregnancy is always cause for celebration!