Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reshuffle #5

I think this is the final bit of shuffling....which is good since I think that is about all I have in me for now LOL...Anyway this may seem like a small job but it literally took me all afternoon to sort through everything and organize it and then try to fit it in. I am looking at these pics and it doesn't look all that tidy, but really it is...its just the really!! LOL

THE Cabinet! We got this cabinet I think in the Spring to put my sewing and craft stuff in....and yes I JUST got to actually doing it in mid-November. I guess better late than never!

Left side is all my embroidery/cross stitch stuff.

Middle is my fabric

Right is the sewing machine (yes it is Disney LOL)

Bottom is books and boxes of scrap fabric somewhat organized by size.

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