Saturday, November 03, 2007

Step #2 In House Reshuffling

Well we got the hardest part of this week's reshuffling done. That is we moved the daybed from the yellow room to the purple. Our bedrooms are soooo small! With the daybed and there is a desk on the opposite wall that is just about it in terms of space!

Anyway, here is the daybed in the purple room. I just bought this daybed cover in the spring....not expecting to be pregnant or to be moving it into another (non matching) room. But such is life. We don't have the money at the moment to buy new bedding (besides what a waste that would be! This cover is brand new) nor the ambition to paint....especially since we LOVE the purple.

Here is the window seat we built last spring. It was the perfect little nook. And the top is hinged so there is storage inside.

Here is the cushion my mom and I labored an entire afternoon on!! I LOVE the fabric (which matches the walls perfectly and is just another reason why I don't want to paint!). It took us forever to figure out how to put the piping in the seam, how to seam the corners, and how to sew the bottom on...which basically means it took us forever to figure out the whole thing. All things considered I am quite pleased with it!


gobbagram said...

Daybed would be better on opposite wall. Desk better under window.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

no it wouldn't because then you would trip over the bed when you walk in the door.

gobbagram said...

even if you put it as far down as possible toward closet?

Lily said...

I love the color of the walls, and the cushion came out perfect! Great job!

gobbagram said...

Thanks, Lily!