Thursday, April 03, 2008

Benjamin: The Early Years

As Benjamin closes in on a full two months I thought I would post a few odds and ends.

This adorable outfit was sent ALLLLLL the way from Australia!! My most dear friend Sharyn sent it for Benjamin. It is totally adorable. I miss Sharyn terribly! We spent one summer together as co-counselors at a camp for creative and performing arts and to this day she is one my best friends.

This beautiful bonnet was sent by a good college friend of mine along with a gorgeous matching blanket and sweater. The bonnet has gotten too small already as you can see, but it was just too cute not to put on him. It reminds me of a little old lady who just got the rollers out of her hair at the beauty salon.

Ben thinks the bonnet is pretty funny too! :)

Claudio took this picture just because he felt Ben was looking quite dapper and cute in his little khaki pants. The onesie you may recognize from a post a few months was a gift from Uncle Traveling Matt!

I am hoping this is not a sign of a future as a criminal!!


Gobbagram said...

With the angle of this shot, I can see right up Ben's nose to his brain and can tell without the shadow of a doubt, he is very, very intelligent!

Walker said...

That is the cutest kid in the world!

Gobbagram said...

Walker, you have excellent taste in babies.