Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekly Menu

So in the hopes of being more organized, more prepared, and to save money on groceries I have decided to plan my weekly menu ahead of time.

So here is my first attempt:
Monday- hotdogs, rutabaga (my mil gave us some to try and told me how to prepare them), baked beans
Tuesday- broccoli and noodles and salad
Wednesday- Chicken with a Trader Joe simmer sauce (not sure what flavor to have some spontenaity in life!) with string beans and black beans and brown rice
Thursday- loose sausage and pasta (again my mil sent us home with some homemade loose sausage...sooo good!) and salad
Friday- homemade pizza (noticing a trend: my mil gave us a pizza crust)


Anonymous said...

Don't know if I'd do beans and broccoli back to back - you'll produce enough gas by Tuesday nite to propel you to Long Island!!

Claud said...

we could save even *more* monday if we just had Thursday dinner every night.

And it's easier to plan!

Rebecca Urban said...

That's great Jamie! I plan all of our meals ahead of time before I grocery shop and it has saved us a ton of time, energy and money! Some websites we find especially helpful are and

Petrus said...

Doesn't Claudio just LOOOVVE sandwiches. why aren't they on the menu??

Claud said...

Good question! Prolly cause I can have them everyday for lunch?