Saturday, April 05, 2008

What We Are Listening To

An old friend of my mom's wanted to send a gift for Benjamin and me and so she asked if there was anything we would really like to have that she could get for us.

I had my eye on Woody Guthrie's Nursery Days and today it arrived in the mail. We have listened to it three times already. You really should check it out if you have a little one at home. It is old fashioned country music with some hysterical lyrics. They are all toe tapping and catchy. We particularly liked the songs "Yellow Crayon" and "Wake Up". If you go to the link above you can listen to some samples from the CD.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that I took a "gander" at listening to the samples of the songs from the cd - very difficult lyric on the "Wake Up" song (NOT!) particular favorite, which had my toe tapping and put a smile on my face, with an occassional chuckle, was "Riding in the Car" (I think that was the title) - that's my favorite!

I think another song Ben would love is the one from your favorite cartoon -- "Gotta Singa" (about the moona and the juna and da springa, I gotta singa).......sing it to him - I bet he will smile!

Aunt Rob.