Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring and Stuff

The weather is warming up!! I always get excited when the weather warms up. For a moment I think to myself, "Oh I can't wait for the warm weather and all the fun outdoor things we can do!!" I think this every spring....then a few weeks down the road when it is 90 degrees with 100% humidity I realize that an air conditioned bunker sounds MUCH more appealing!! LOL...anyway for the moment we are enjoying the weather.

Today is the first day Benjamin has FREEDOM FEET!! He is sock free! It is so fun to have his little feet out to play with :)

Shhh, Ben is snoozing on the back porch!

And Bunny is the babysitter.

The diapers fit perfectly on Ben's head. So how could we resist? BTW they also fit perfectly on his bottom....and please make no inferences from that LOL!

Grandma Joanne so kindly came to accompany me to the dentist. A braver soul would have left grandma at home with the baby, but I was too afraid to go myself for fear they would have to pull my tooth. Luckily I came home with my tooth!


Anonymous said...

That kid and grammy are soooooo good looking!

(original post is gone!)

Gobbagram said...

The diaper head picture looks like he's thinking..."Do you believe what I have to put up with???"