Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We Got Diapers for "Free" and Other Fun Pictures

So I have been reading Money Saving Mom everyday for months and months now. I have gotten great deals and coupons and money saving tips. But every week Crystal, the blog owner, would post CVS deals for the week and how she gets all of this stuff for free from CVS. It seemed totally daunting and over my head...I didn't have the patience to figure it all out or the time.

Well finally I just couldn't take it anymore. The deals were too good. Her diapers were free....how could I resist?! So I finally embarked a few weeks ago on figuring out how to "CVS". I think I have got it down!

So the picture below shows what I purchased today from CVS. I paid no money out of pocket between the coupons I had and the "Extra Care Bucks" I had already earned. So not only did I get all that is pictured below (Benjamin not included LOL) I got several "Extra Care Bucks" back to spend next week and several coupons to use also. You can see Benjamin so graciously holding my ECBs for next week :)

And now for the random fun pictures:

First, Benjamin often sits, sleeps, eats, with his hands neatly folded in his lap or across his chest. It is so adorable and hyseterical.

Benjamin went to the pediatrician yesterday and he is a whopping 10lbs5oz and 23 inches long.

So cute asleep in his carrier :)

Mid coo


Angela #1 said...

THAT'S A LOT OF EXCEDRIN!!! Planning on having a lot of headaches???

Anonymous said...

Hands folded on his chest or resting on his belly is an "Aaron" trait. That's how Grandpa always fell asleep watching TV. So he is taking after his namesake!

He looks totally content!

(Aunt Rob)

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!!! He is just too precious! Kisses for him!


Petrus said...

Wow - Ben is quite the shopper already!!