Thursday, April 03, 2008


A few snippets from my day:

My parents found this onesie for Ben. LOL....pretty funny!

Ben and I made some rasberry muffins. They came out a very interesting color, but they are tasty!

Claudio at lunch time eating a hotdog and pontificating in true Claudio style.

Today Ben and I also went for a nice walk. We crossed the Rancocas Creek in hopes of seeing some ducks, but we saw none! Hmph! We did however see my old boss who came running out of his office to see what it was that was in my stroller :)


Anonymous said...

Not relating to this post - but just in general - I check your blog from time to time and get true enjoyment out of it...Love seeing Ben, of course, and you and Claudio. They say you"glow" when you're pregnant. However, you are "glowing" now - you look terrific and it looks like motherhood suits you well. Can't wait to see you (soon!)...Love ya, Aunt Rob.

Claud said...

What was I pontificating about? I don't even remember.

The raspberries?

Claud said...

Thanks Aunt Rob! She does look fantastic. Sometime soon we have to take Ben across the water to see the "old country" where his ancestors are from:

Long Island.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clau - when you do come back to the "old country" - we'll give Ben a taste of his Mom's favorite Mexican food.......but she has to wear the tee shirt Uncle Steve got her!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Dear Aunt Robyn,

I wore that tshirt to bed last night!

Jamie who is now craving nachos del fuego!