Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well after trying to reinvent the wheel I have found the perfect vacuum. The problem: We have all hard woods on the first floor, then a carpeted staircase and a carpeted upstairs.

This little guy above is perfect...lightweight enough to lug up and down the steps, bagless because I am really lazy, and man can it suck!

Because of this little guy below (a long haired mop of a cat) we need industrial strength sucking.

So I highly recommend the Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagless Cannister Vac....should anyone care..

Because I have that kind of luck

I am literally 2 days from my second trimester and is it possible that I am sicker now than in previous weeks????

They have been doing construction on our street and we have had to park elsewhere. Well today I got a parking ticket...apparently they finished their work and I should have moved my car. And I guess the cones and the detour signs and the trucks parked at the end of my street should have been the clue they were done with the work?? *snort*

So, yeah I am feeling all sorts of lucky today....unfortunately its all BAD luck!! LOL

Good thing I am Catholic and don't really believe in luck ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Big News!

Well, I think I have proven over and over again that I am terrible at blogging. But below is what has been going on in our lives:

These were taken last week at 12 weeks. All is going well and healthy....and I am very thankful to be hurdling into the 2nd trimester....one more week!! Ohh and our pet name for the baby is BUMBRY!!