Monday, May 24, 2010

Look at Me!!

After lagging with her motor skills for months and months Anna has gained by leaps and bounds the last several weeks. Just all of a sudden she seemed to figure everything out. Now she just needs to start walking ;)

So she has been pulling her up to standing and is QUITE pleased with herself when she does. She is hysterically funny. She has just two bottom teeth and makes this grinning face with her two bottom teeth sticking out so she looks like a bulldog.

Something that Benjamin NEVER learned to do is hold a bottle and feed himself. But there she is!

And her is a compilation of all her talents that Grandma took while babysitting

And the skill she excells at most is definitely just being gorgeous and adorable!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

And when I say big boy bed I mean we removed one side of Ben's crib :)

Claudio has been pushing for this for a while in the hopes that our "wakes at the crack of dawn" little darling would get up and occupy himself instead of crying for someone to get him out of the crib..

So far that scenario has worked maybe twice. Instead several times he has woken even earlier than usual stood in the hallway outside of Anna's room and cried to go down stairs and watch not only was Claudio up...but everyone was up..including Anna!

After naps instead of crying he will often grab a few books and "read" in bed for a while before he gets himself up and comes downstairs. I must say that is really nice. And things are getting better at night/morning. We had very minimal problems with him getting out of bed when he should be going to sleep.

And because this was such a last minute decision we had no rail for his bed. So we smartly decided to take couch cushions and put them under the bed so it would be a very soft fall if he did fall. Falling out of bed has also not been an issue.
I still remember setting up this crib months and months before Ben was born and several times a day I would go into the room just took look in the crib and imagine my baby sleeping there. That was over two years ago and now he is growing up and is a little boy not a baby *sigh* :(

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day we decided to take the kids to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Mothers get in free on Mother's Day which was a nice treat because the entrance fee was pretty expensive!

Ben was the perfect age for this museum and he had a ball running from area to area and playing.

They had this huge water table with boats and rubber duckies and little bridges and wave makers. Above the table was a big cloud and every few minutes the wind would start blowing and a "storm" would come in and it would rain over the table.

Ben's first "ride" on a train!! The other side of the train is all open so the kids could climb in and out...and this train didn't move, but it was still an exciting experience for our little Thomas fan!

Anna was happy to just roll along and participate where she could. There were a few areas that were appropriate for her to get out of the stroller and crawl around or sit and play with little toys etc.

Ben takes Anna for a little ride in a cart LOL...If you enlarge this picture you can see that Ben's mouth is all swollen and scabby. Earlier that day he fell down the steps in front of our house and busted up his lip pretty well. He is a toughie though and trooped on the rest of the day without complaint.