Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ben Finally Meets the Easter Bunny!

So my dad and stepmother found this huge fluffy Easter bunny and thought it was a must have for Ben because it was bigger than him (it truly is HUGE!) and what is cuter than a huge stuffed animal and a tiny baby LOL!

But Easter came and went and no bunny arrived in the mail. :(

Then yesterday....we spotted a large box on the porch!!

The bunny finally found its way to our house!! He had quite the adventure through the postal system! He came in a big box....but the box really gave no clue as to how big he was...he had been squished in!

So here is Ben and his Easter Bunny!! Thanks Grandma Judi and Grandpa Bob!!

The Amazing Siamese Mushroom!!

I don't believe this post requires any comment.

Benjamin Meets his Godmother

This week Ben's Godmother came for a visit. Ben and Jess got along swimmingly and had lots of good quality time together.

I forgot to get pictures but Jess brought for Ben an adorable lamb blanket. I can't even explain it. I will have to get a picture later. But I am sure it will be a favorite for Ben once he is a little older. She also brought a beautiful pewter Christening cup engraved with Ben's initials. Does anyone know the tradition of a Christening cup??

Jess and I also got to have a nice girl's night out with Jess's SIL Christina. I had a great time and so did Ben!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mom to Mom?

So what were your favorite ways to play with, stimulate, and entertain your babys during the early months of their life?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Few Benjamins

LOL...the picture below looks like he is a heiroglyphic....Walk Like an Egyptian...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mom to Mom?

So I have never been a master of small talk or chit chat. In fact I am TERRIBLE at it!! Most often when faced with a situation where small talk is necessary I find myself thinking, "I have nothing to say..." I have tried to figure out ways to improve in this area (because it does make me a bit socially awkward LOL), but to no avail.

So now I am the proud momma of a most darling little boy. And as I am sitting and feeding him through the day and he is looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes I feel I should have all sorts of important stories and lessons to tell him about. But again I come up with a total blank!!

So what do you more seasoned mothers DO while feeding your baby? Or do you just sit in silent wonder?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ben Goes Swedish

So I had tried putting Ben in the Bjorn carrier a few weeks ago and he hated it. I think he was still too little. He can hold his head better now. He has been in it for a few hours and seems quite content....although my back is slightly less content.

Mommy blogging...

Mommy and Ben all decked out in Bjorn :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Obama's Revival ---TESTIFY!!!!

I'm almost certainly not voting for Obama, but this clip is classic.

Politically, this is brilliant. He's in Beaumont Texas, and this speech is stitching together family values Republicans and Democratic-voting African Americans--with a common conservative theme--in a way that I've never seen a politician do before. And doing it with class and humor.

Leaving aside the fact that the Chief Executive of the Federal government really doesn't have authority over what gets taught in schools and how, he totally makes sense when he talks about parental responsibility. And everyone in the audience knows it. Check out some of those ladies in back! :)