Friday, October 16, 2009

Professor Benjamin

Benjamin gives us a lecture on fasion know-how.

Benjamin Orbiting

Bundled Up

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dave Brubeck Prodigy!!

Crime Scene

The victim is a 2 month old female. It appears she was fed till drowsy and snuggled to sleep. Weapon found...a pacifier, containing the victim's prints..

It's My Potty...

Yup, it's begun!!


Benjamin and I have been working on learning how to color (I have realized that this is a learned skill and not something that just comes to you) and learning colors.

We are hit or miss with identifying colors accurately, but he LOVES saying "poopull".

We have toddler crayons and toddler markers.....he has been far more successful with the markers...

And we think he has a future either as Boy George or Jackson Pollack..

Ben's first independent work of art :)

We Had Kittens!

A few weeks ago our neighbor stopped over to let us know that there was a momma kitty who moved her four kittens under our shed. Animal Control was able to catch the momma, but would be back to try and get the kittens.

For days and days we would spot the kittens playing around our shed, but when anyone walked over they would hide under the shed.

The Animal Control guy seemed unable to catch them. So we took matters into our own hands.

Claudio managed to snag three of them which we named them: Dot, Spot, and Speckle. Dot and Spot had white fur just at the very tip of their tail and Speckle was the only one that wasn't totally black...he was speckley.

The next morning we were able to grab the fourth kitten. He was by far the cutest (with long hair!) and we named it Lucy (because it was eLUSive). The animal control guy picked them up to bring to the shelter. We hope they have been adopted!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Just a Day at the Beach

A few weeks ago we met some of the family at Ocean City. It was a beautiful, perfect day and Benjamin's first trip to see the ocean. He was very scared at first, but after some playing around he was fearless....walking into the water with abandon.

This is where Anna stayed. We called it "The Anna Cabana"

Ocean City has a great boardwalk includingan amusement park. Ben took his first ride on a merrygoround, but he was too afraid to sit on a we had to sit in a bench. He was so tired by this time that I am not sure he had any idea what was going on LOL.

We also took a ride on Thomas because Ben kept pointing at it and saying "trains trains trains". but once we were on it he was pretty scared LOL...he is a bit of a wimp!


Those who knew me as a little girl know that my Cabbage Patch Kid was my very most prized possesion. She was so loved by me that she had two belly button reconstructions, several toe-ectomies, and a permanent scar on her cheek from when she fell off Melissa Maurer's big wheels.

So when my mom brought Anna these adorable floral corduroy overalls they imediately made me think of my doll.

It wasn't until I was reviewing the pictures days later that I noticed Benjamn's fireman finger puppet lined up there trying to get in the action.

Bunny Plays Favorites

Bunny has never wanted anything to do with Benjamin....even when Ben was this small!

But with Anna he enjoys the occassional snuggle :)