Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yarn Along - Just In Time For Spring

So it turns out that blogging isn't the only thing I stink at keeping up with!  Knitting too!!!  I started this Wee Balaclava in September or October and told Anna it would be done before it got cold....because it is a quick knit.  But with the baby not sleeping through the night until about two months ago my evening knitting time just wasn't happening.  Nothing ruins motivation like lack of sleep.

Well little Lucy finally started sleeping through the night (and as a side note.  We just went cold turkey...and where I assumed this would mean weeks and weeks of her screaming for hours every night.  It was nothing like that.  She whimpered/cried maybe 30 minutes one night..and maybe 5 minutes the next night and DONE.  She has slept through the night ever since.  And still loved us in the morning) and so I finally finished up this hat just in time for Spring.

I made one for Ben as well but this one came out so much better.  There was a confusing bit of the pattern to get the stitches right around the face and it was much easier to figure out and do correctly second time around.  Now I am tempted to tear Ben's out and redo it.....maybe this Fall LOL....

What I am reading:  33 Days to Morning Glory, Dad is Fat (Jim Gaffigan's book), and The Devil in the White City

If you are interested in the pattern it is free on Ravelry.  Search for "Wee Balaclava".  For more yarn alongs check out Ginny's blog, Small Things.