Friday, September 16, 2016

Beach Pictures and Poetry

On Monday we made a trip to Sandy Hook, NJ. We hadn't been to the ocean in I think 4 years so we were all excited. Sandy Hook is the northern most beach in NJ, so from the beach you can see Manhatten and lots of close ups of planes coming in to the three local airports. It was a beautiful day. Temps in the 70s and breezy. When the tide came in we had a lovely sand bar and the water that filled in between the beach and the sandbar was about 18inches deep and made an ideal swimming hole for the two little ones that were far too scared to even put their feet in the ocean. We had a wonderful day and will definitely go back next year. Since it was after Labor Day the beach was largely empty and parking was free. Ideal time to visit.

don't worry we are going for a hair cut TODAY

my three bathing beauties

we hadn't even changed her into a bathing suit because she wouldn't even leave the beach blanket.  But once the tide came in creating the little pool she was in the water before we even realized.  She made the drive home in just a diaper!

Ok we have a memorized poem backlog here. So first is Anna reciting "The Owl and the Pussycat". Next is Ben reciting, "America For Me". And last is Anna reciting "Stopping By The Wood"
mmmmm lll