Thursday, September 04, 2014

She Sticks The Landing!!

Lucy finally got herself all sorted out and balanced into a sitting position. For the first few days of her getting herself up she would throw her arms out for balance like a gymnast off the vault who has stuck her landing. It was adorable....and unfortunately not caught on camera :)

She has also taken her first few wabbley crawls. I will try to get that on video.

Yes, this is what the schoolroom floor looks like by midweek.

Ben clone?

Lucy clone?  This is Ben at the same age.  He had nice jowls too!

roughly the same amount of hair too..

Bushkill Falls

Our dear friend (and Lucy's Godmother) was visiting for the holiday weekend. So, Saturday we decided to be real Pocono tourists and went for a visit to Bushkill Falls, The Pocono Indian Museum (where they carry some of Cla's books), and then a quick stop at Country Kettle an enormous candy store.

I didn't get pics at the Indian Museum because it was sort of impromptu and dark in the museum...The museum is small and not too exciting, but the gift shop is awesome.

Bushkill is not for the faint of heart.  It is all wood decking stairs...steeply up and down...and narrow!! Ohh and because it was a holiday weekend is was a mob scene!  Definitely a workout, especially with a 15lb baby strapped to my back.  But it was beautiful and the kids did great with the hike...not a single complaint.

The main falls

Anna peaking through the gate at the falls

my ducklings

one of the steep, narrow staircases....this is how the entire hike was basically.

quick rest before we continued with out upward march!

right at the top of the main falls..

one of the smaller falls

you can see where the water cut out these rounded areas in the rock.  The water has created a fairly deep cavern.  You can see in the rock where the water used to run at the top of the rocks.

The river finally opens up into this shallow area where the kids were able to dip their feet in a little.

my foot  ;)  I didn't dare venture out on the slippery rocks because I had a sleeping baby on my back that totally throws off my balance.

Miss Dober, choosing not to take her chances down the rocky and root filled slope, waved to us from her safe resting place.

Hilarious "Mr. God Forbid I Get Even a Drop of Water On Me" held up his shorts lest he get wet in this one inch of water..

Getting so big and grown up, "Ben do you need help getting socks and shoes on?" "Nope, I got it.." and he did

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Owl and the Pussycat

Ben has finished memorizing his first poem of 2nd grade. We both thought this poem was really cute and enjoyed learning it.

Stay tuned in a few weeks for some Robert Frost.