Thursday, March 10, 2016

10 New Little Birds

So, to add to our 6 laying hens Claudio picked up 10 new chicks (our running joke is "Hey, I just picked up a bunch of Tractor Supply"). We are raising these for meat. It is our first venture into raising anything meat related. We have butchered a chicken when one of our layers got hit by a car and was injured. We were able to get it in the freezer. But now we will have ten to process.

We have five red rangers and five cornish. One type is a typical meat bird and one type is good at foraging. I don't remember which is which. Right now they just all look cute and fluffy and are living in their box in the basement until they are big enough to rough the elements outdoors.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Beatrice is Ready for the Warm Weather

Piano Recital

Ben had a recital a week or two ago for the residents at Grace Park assisted living. The recital was to function as a rehearsal for the piano festival he will be taking part in this coming weekend. At the time of the recital he still had a few kinks to work out and to finish memorizing his music. Last year he received Superior rating at the festival and we are hoping for good marks again this year.