Monday, August 27, 2007

The Baby Made Me Do It!

Brownies are in the oven.

Would the Real Blogger Please Stand Up!

CLAUDIO!!! If you are going to hijack my blog at least identify yourself when posting.

Although since you are clearly the wittier and more charming blogger...maybe I should let the unidentified posts continue and just take credit for them myself!

And for the record to all two of our loyal readers there is a LARGE hunk of cured, salted pig (in the form of prosciutto) in my sandwiches abound!

And one other funny note. We have a stuffed animal pig that we named The Hauge! ROFL...I still find that hysterical. And why is it THE Hauge...and THE Bronx....

Vacation on Route 1

So I can tell summer vacation was over today because the traffic on Route 1 in Princeton has gone from bearable right back to its old annoying self.

I think this is the Good Lord's nudge for me to just work from home and be done with it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We've got the look

Na na na na....

na na na naaaaa...


Yeah, anyway....we made some changes to the blog. New banner, new links, and new sunshiny freshness!

THIS is trouble

Claudio now has full posting rights on this blog.

Readers can expect BIG changes here in the days to come, including:

* more frequent references to nut trees of the family Juglandaceae
* dumb accents on command
* more requests for sandwiches
* flagrant Philadelphia jingoism
* occasional bursts of stupidity followed months and months of neglect
* updates on my progress on learning Mohawk
* senseless lists like this
* hoagies, hoagies, hoagies!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

You Are 16 Going on 17...

Actually the baby is 17 weeks going on 18 weeks but I can never resist a good Sound of Music reference!

Everything went well at my appointment. They couldn't tell the sex, but I go back in 4 weeks for another scan and hopefully they can tell us then! The baby was very cute and looked like it was playing peek-a-boo most of the time with hands over eyes.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Clearly Ordained by God!

I took these pics with my phone, but I think you will get the idea!!

An innocent but delicious piece of chocolate

The message inside the wrapper! Clearly this is ordained.....and yet Claudio is resisting LOL.

And for good measure a picture of my adorable cat in his favorite afternoon snooze position. Look at that cute little pink nose!!! He is definitely the cutest cat!

And an admittedly terrible picture of my otherwise very handsome (though not foot massaging) husband!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Life

Well this lovely little humidifier has basically been the center of my life lately. I have a miserable cold. I would trade a stuffy nose for morning sickness any day. To me nothing is more miserable than a completely clogged up head.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Time Marches On...

Above is the single beautiful pink rose Cla picked for me from our garden on Saturday. Simple beauty :) I have a most loving and thoughtful husband.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time at my nephew Leo's first birthday. We got to meet the new goats (their names are Hazel, Naomi, and Esther) and spend time with the family. It was a beautiful day. No humidity and in the 70s all day and sunny. The evening was very chilly and we all had to put sweaters on. Who would think of such a day in August!

Below is the first baby establishment. A VERY cozy looking baby papasan chair! My SIL has bequeathed it upon me along with a baby tub, infant car seat, and baby bjorn....we haven't unloaded the rest from our car yet though because we got home late last night and it has been rainy all day. So only the papasan has made it out of the trunk!

Thursday I have an appt with the perinatologist and an ultrasound. Prayers for another uneventful visit are VERY much appreciated! I will be 17 weeks then and we are HOPING they may be able to tell the sex....a little early we know, but we hope anyway. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My New Nieces!!

These are my new nieces! My brother in law and his wife (and two darling sons) just got these goats to eat the brush on their property. They live on ten acres in Chester County PA. They are fainting goats, but my BIL told me they haven't fainted! I find that highly disappointing. We will be there Saturday for my nephews 1st birthday. I will do my best to make those goats fall over LOL. I am also hoping seeing the goats will make Claudio want to move out of NJ even more and into the wild blue yonder of PA.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kindred Spirits

My dear friend Loretta is coming this weekend. We met many moons ago at a Fr. Perricone retreat. I thought she was nuts and she thought I was pius...ROFL!!! And now she is one of the best friends I ever had. She has an uncanny way of seeing the future, of making things clear, and pointing out the absurd.

I have made absolutely no plans for the weekend....I should probably think of a few exciting options for her to choose from.

Off to clean and make the bed in the guest room!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

shwoosh shwoosh shwoosh

So I had an ob appt today. And I got to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time. A nice, steady, strong shwoosh shwoosh shwoosh. Doc said all looks, feels, and sounds good and basically sent me on my way.

My nest ultrasound is Aug. 23 with the high risk ob. I will be 17 weeks then and I am PRAYING they can tell me the sex then. I asked the doc today and he said they very well may be able to tell.

If it's a girl let the April Cornell shopping spree begin!! bwaahaahaaa!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Do I feel guilty??


We were outside watering the garden. And Cla let the cat out into the yard...and man I just couldn't resist getting the cat with the hose! He tried his hardest to dodge it, but I still got him pretty good. This isn't our cat above, but basically same look and same expression. I have no regrets....a pets job is to amuse its owner.