Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Farewell Picture

Benjamin and Annabella were headed to my inlaws last night to stay until after the move (Beatrice will be joining them sometime tomorrow I guess).  So to say goodbye we took a farewell photo of them on the mountain of boxes in our dining room.
Bye bye small house!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Doughnut Microcosm...

When Ben eats a doughnut...he carefully preserves proper frosting distribution.   Ensuring each bite has a good amount of the sweet frosting.  Making for an overall delicious, enjoyable, and satisfying doughnut experience...

Annabella, on the other hand, eats the frosting off the top being careful to get as little actual doughnut as possible.  Once the frosting has been haphazardly removed and savored she asks for another doughnut and starts again....

This so completely shows the differences in their personalities.  Everything you need to know about Ben and Anna....and how they differ can be inferred from their doughnut eating....truly.

BTW, you can see above that Ben got glasses!  Doesn't he look handsome and like a smartypants????

He failed his vision test at the pediatrician's office and so we were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  We discovered there that Ben has a pretty serious case of Amblyopia .  He is 20/40 in his good eye and 20/200 in his bad eye (basically legally blind in his bad eye).  Profound.  I had some suspicions that maybe he needed glasses but certainly was really shocked at the findings.  We also found out he is color blind!  This actually didn't surprise us either.  My dad is color blind and where Ben can identify his colors without issue he would sometimes confuse colors or be unable to distinguish shades within a color etc.  So we go for a follow up in May at which time we will likely start patching his good eye to strengthen the bad eye.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Where were we.....

Mostly just home...being super heroes...Thundercats and My Little Pony are the characters of the day..

 Growing in size and character.  Little Buggy has quite the funny little personality.  She plays jokes and looks for laughs.  She is generally just a happy little Bug.  Toddling around from one thing to the next..

Celebrating birthdays with special yummy breakfasts....the FIVE for Ben!

Gaining new skills....when Cheerios are at stake ingenuity takes over with this one.  She pushed that blue bench over, climbed up it and then onto the bench and was shoving fistfuls of Cheerios into her mouth.

 Finding the cozy corners for a little rest and reading.  Growing together and learning together..

 And the promise of new life discovered in early January only to be taken too soon in mid March.  Our newest little one was taken from us far too soon.

 Finished knitting projects..

 And putting on our travelling clothes because on Christmas Eve we got a bid on our house and our beloved PA house was still on the market!  We move in 6 days.  We can hardly believe it has all worked out.